◌ Patrick Ibanez was born in Paris, France. He's a multidisciplinary visual artist, after graduating from college he began his career as a graphic designer for French Vogue. He discovered his passion for photography after working closely with legendary fashion photographer Guy Bourdin. Guy became his mentor, he gave him an appreciation for bold, powerful, and timeless imagery.

◌  His rich photographs speak to timeless modernity. Contributed Photography and graphic design to the following publication: Vogue (French, Japanese, Spanish), The Face, Citizen K, Mixt(e), V Magazine, Visionaire, Detour, Giant, Trace, among others. His assignments include work for brands such as Daniel Swarovski, Pierre Cardin Perfumes, Paco Rabanne Perfumes, Chantal Thomass, Mercedes-Benz and Sony. 

◌  Last year brought a new direction in Patrick's career, he has devoted himself to fine art and paintings. He has developed a recycling project, reinterpreting his photographic digital and analog work from his archive. His first opus, Swoosh was completed in 2018. He is actually working on combining more mixed media for his new projects.

◌  Patrick lives with his daughter in Brooklyn, New York.